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Web Sites:

Walking in Scotland

The Lennox District - Leamhnachd

The Armies of Pestilence: The Impact of disease on History

East Dunbartonshire Town (Lennoxtown)

Paterson, Tom. Genealogy - Stirlingshire - East Dunbartonshire - Lennoxtown (Local history)

Scottish Enterprise

Lennox Castle Hospital - AOL Hometown

Campsie Black Watch

Morris Furniture




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Aerial Photographs 3, 4 and 20 by kind permission of Edward Z. Smith, Hawkeye Photography. 

Photographs 6, 8,11,12,15 & 24 courtesy of Strathkelvin District Libraries 

Photographs 37 & 38 by kind permission of May Gilchrist.

Photograph 39 by kind permission of George Legg.

Others from own collection.





The Devil Uisge Beatha

Song by Alan Reid of the Battlefield Band. From the Album 'New Spring'.


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