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Militia Act

An Act of Parliament regarding the Militia was passed in Scotland in 1797.

Under this Act, all able bodied people were liable to be chosen by ballot to serve in the Militia unless they found and could pay for a substitute. Special exemptions were available to such as peers, clergy, teachers and those over 45 years old. 

The introduction of the Act was unpopular, and its enforcement caused many riots throughout Scotland, but since it was a Government measure, Mr. Lapslie fully supported it. He did his utmost to ensure its implementation within the parish.

Hostility towards Mr. Lapslie by locals was so strong that it eventually gave vent to action, when on August 22nd 1797, the outbuildings at the manse were deliberately set ablaze, and burned to the ground. The Manse itself was only saved by the quick action of some people in the Clachan. The perpetrators of this wilful action were well known, but they were never prosecuted.

When Lapslie realized the intensity of hostility towards him, he decided to tread a more prudent course. He realized that to have instituted legal action would only have intensified the hostility.

Army Regiment

Lennoxmill had its own army regiment, the Lennoxmill Company of Stirlingshire Rifle Volunteer Corps (1st Battalion),  but lost their identity when they had to amalgamate with  Stirlingshire Rifle Volunteer Corps (4th Battalion) : Lennoxtown and Campsie Company. They continued as Lennoxtown & Campsie Company until November  26th, 1902. Then under a new TA scheme, eventually became the 7th Battalion of the Argyll and Southern Highlanders on April 1st. 

bullet4th Stirlingshire Rifle Volunteer Corps, at Lennoxtown, raised March 6th 1860
bullet7th Stirlingshire Rifle Volunteer Corps, at Lennoxmill, raised May 1st 1860
bullet1st Stirlingshire Rifle Volunteer Corps, at Lennoxmill, formerly 4th Rifle Volunteer Corps. Moved to Falkirk 1880.
bullet7th Battalion, D Company, at Lennoxtown (detachment at Kilsyth). April 1st 1908.

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