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In 1830, prior to the creation of a circulating library, a reading room was set up in Lennoxtown. It was a room and kitchen converted into a single apartment, set out with two tables, and well supplied with the Glasgow and Edinburgh newspapers, and other magazines and periodicals were also available.

This room was next to Mr. Flemings drapery shop.

A man called Robertson, a stationer and bookseller, set up the first circulating  library in his shop in Drysdale's Land, and later a Mrs. Tagg also set up another  in Crosshill (at one time called, Stirling's Dandy Row).

Even though newspapers were expensive, a few found their way to Lennoxtown and were eagerly read. Sometimes people gathered in loom shops or private houses to listen as one person read newspapers or books aloud; a good way to keep people informed of world events. 

Because the newspapers were quite expensive, it was common for several people to club together to buy them. Each contributor would have a full day to read the paper, and the last person would be allowed to retain it. 

The Campsie Subscription Library and the Campsie Popular Library were both set up in 1837. Although they were small, both contained a comprehensive collection of books. These libraries amalgamated with the Mechanics Institute Library in 1848.  This library was located in the Town Hall, and carried on until the situation became untenable. The current Library opened in March 1976, and before this the library was housed above the old rent office in Main Street.

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