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Lennoxtown Shops




Lennoxtown Shops 1933

Left hand side                                                                             Right hand side

Town Hall

Railway Tavern

A. Hay (Newsagent)

Donaldson (Cobblers)

Sam Mackay (Fruiterer)

A McGavigan (Painter/decorator)

Co-op (Butcher)

Co-op (Grocery)

Co-op (Draper)

Co-op (Bakery)

Post Office

Eggleton (Draper)

Rae (Baker)

McFarlane (Grocer)

J Maxwell (Fruiterer)

G Hall (Grocer)

McLelland (Cobbler)

A Russell (Fishmonger)


A Graham (Butcher)

A Donald (Grocer)

Commercial Inn (Pub)

Tollerton (Sweetie shop)

P Sinclair (Grocer)

McElhaney (Pub)

McCahill ( Butcher)

Swann Inn (Pub)

Acari (Pub)

Acari (Sweets)

McLintock (Grocer)


McCue (Barbers)

I Rodgers (Butchers)

Annie Watson (Draper)

McDonald/Paul (Butcher)

Buttercup (Grocers)

Burns Tavern (Pub)

Acari (Café)

T Mathieson (Newsagents)

Lennox Arms Hotel

Co-op (Home Bakery)

Co-op (Cobbler)

W Kennedy (Ironmonger)

R Craig (Licensed Grocer)

McMeekin (Newsagent)

Carlins (Pub)

D Turner (Fish and Chips)

J Hunter (Barber)

Acari (Café)

G Trower (Pub)

Harry Knox (Sweets/newspapers)

G Watson (Sweetie shop)

List of shops compiled for me by Mr. Robert Stevenson who worked in the co-operative butcher's shop in Lennoxtown for many years. When he married, he moved to Torrance and stayed there until his death, in January 2006.

Robert mentioned another house/shop - Mrs. Grays of Ca’ hame. He says that the Ca’ hame area is where Geelong Gardens is now.

These are other Lennoxtown shops from the 1940's, but can't say if they were there prior to that.

These shops don't appear in Robert's list, but were known to have been in use in the early 40's and possibly the early 50's.

Kate Sinclair’s shop: At the very bottom of the village, where the flats are, opposite to what was Forest's garage.

Carrie Nock’s shop: In  Chapel Street. There is mention of Harry Nock's shop in Main Street, so the owners were probably related. (Since heard they were brother and sister)

Service Street shop: Just beyond the Blair Nessie building, on the same side.

Jerry Reynolds': Fruit and vegetable shop at the corner of Chapel Street.

There is very little written about shops in any history of Lennoxtown, but in an article written in 1888, and reviewing the previous 50 years, houses and shops are mentioned briefly.

"The houses in Lennoxtown were at that period almost universally lit with candles, gas being first introduced into the town in 1852. Shortly after, the streets commenced to be lighted by gas lamps, during the winter months. The improvement in the appearance of the buildings in Lennoxtown during the fifty years has been very striking. The shops especially, which at times were small, and had very little show, are now (in 1888) for the most part large, commodious, and well lighted, and have a handsome appearance. "

Advertisements for local businesses

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