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War Memorial Gates

When Campsie High Church was about to be built, the site at the top of Quarry Brae was chosen because it was thought to be the most central and also somewhat imposing. Once the church was finished, a driveway was formed from the Main Street to the main entrance of the church. 

The white sandstone War Memorial Gate was erected on Main Street at the foot of the drive in 1924, some 77 years after the church was built. The gate, designed by Glasgow Architects, Messrs Paterson and Stoddart, took 3 years to complete. It consists of a main ornate archway, and a smaller archway for pedestrian access.

The official opening of the gate, was by General Sir Charles Munro, in May 1925. Immediately prior to this, a procession headed by a detachment of pipers from the 7th Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, and including local ex-servicemen and youth organizations, marched from the Drill Hall to the Memorial Gate, which was draped with the Union Jack. Thousands gathered to witness the event, some from as far afield as Glasgow. Measure had to be taken to temporarily close the Main Street because of the crowds.

To ensure they had a good view of the proceedings, some locals resorted to climbing on to the roof of the co-operative building opposite the Memorial Gate.

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