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Creating this section of the Web Page, has increased my awareness of the number of dedicated, hard-working, and enthusiastic young men involved in supporting the boys football teams. It is admirable that they devote so much of their time and energy training and promoting their respective teams. They deserve the utmost respect and appreciation.

Campsie Black Watch Youths

Campsie Black Watch Youths Football Club was started in September 2005.

The Club caters for over 40 boys who are divided into three groups depending on age. The groups are  - under 8 years old, under 11 and under 12. 

The teams train on week day evenings; the youngest group at St. Machan's in Lennoxtown, and the two older groups at the football park in Milton-of-Campsie. All are members of the Cumbernauld and Kilsyth Soccer Sevens League, and play their league games on Saturdays. Their football season is from August - May, but the teams play tournaments in summer.

Mr. McKean, Chairman/Coach, explained that the players pay a monthly fee to help cover expenses and buy equipment, but that the club is currently involved in processing applications for extra funding from East Dunbartonshire Council and the Community Fund.

 Although a Lennoxtown based team, they unfortunately had to re-locate to Milton-of-Campsie in order to find a suitable park in which to play and train, which would appear to be a dreadful indictment of the services in Lennoxtown.  

As yet, the teams have not won any major games, but team officials are optimistic that with continued effort, enthusiasm and application they will eventually win through, and success will be theirs.

All club coaches have the necessary Scottish Football Association coaching qualifications.

Officials of the club are indebted to Mr. Charles Kennedy for his unstinting support and interest.


Chairman/Coach:                Mr. Alex McKean

Coach/ Treasurer:               Mr. Michael McKenna

Coach/ Secretary:                Mr. John Lang

Funding Activity Officer:   Mr. Trevor McKenna

Player Protection Officer:   Mr. Lawrence Brodie.


Campsie Black Watch Youths under 11 & under 12.jpg (480764 bytes)                           Training Session CBW Youths.jpg (400122 bytes)               Campsie Black Watch Youths training session.jpg (475537 bytes)

 Mr. McKean & Team                                                   Training sessions 

Campsie Boys Club

This club is a non-profit making organization set up in 1994 by local people to allow children in the area an opportunity to play and enjoy football, regardless of their abilities. 

They cater for boys and girls in the following age groups:

Under 7 and Under 8 years old

The under 7 and 8 teams are members of the East Dunbartonshire Soccer Sevens Association and train on Week day evenings. They play 7-a-side games of 15 minutes duration on Saturdays in the Spring and Autumn sessions. 

All children, in these age groups are welcome to try out regardless of skill level, since sessions are viewed as developmental, and are geared towards enabling the children to grow and ultimately respond, to the physical and technical demands of the game.

Under 9, and under 10 years old

Under 9 and under 10 years old groups are also members of the East Dunbartonshire Soccer Sevens Association and also train on week day evenings. They play 7-a-side games of 20 minutes duration on Saturdays in the Spring and Autumn sessions.

Under 12 years old.

The under 12 team are members of the Cumbernauld and Kilsyth District Association, and are affiliated to the Scottish Youth Football Association. This group train on Wednesday evenings. They play 11-a-side games of 60 minutes duration on Saturdays throughout the football year.

Whilst not all players are guaranteed a starting position in this side, all will be provided with an opportunity to train and develop skills.

All club coaches have the necessary Scottish Football Association coaching qualifications.

Anyone interested in playing football or registering as a volunteer coach or helper should contact P.  Bradley ( 01360 313 489), who will respond to queries and provide any additional information required.


President:                  M. Brown

Vice President:         A. McMillan

Secretary:                   P. Bradley

Treasurer:                  A. Wingate


Boys_Club_2.jpg (455380 bytes)                              Campsie_Boys_Club_April_5th_2006.jpg (376934 bytes)                    Campsie_Boys_Club_training._April_2006.jpg (134737 bytes)

Player Protection Officers

In order to provide a safe environment for all players and officials participating in football, and to meet the requirements of the Protection of Children (Scotland) Act 2003,  the Scottish Youth Football Association (SYFA) stipulates that each club employs a Player Protection Officer.

The SYFA is an organization set up in 1999 to oversee recreation youth football. It is the national governing body of youth football in Scotland. The Association legislate to foster, develop, and improve the game of Association Football amongst all classes of youth football clubs, leagues or associations of such clubs in Scotland. Provision of football for both players and officials should be free from abuse regardless of colour, race, sex, language, religion, political persuasion, national, ethnic or social origin, property, disability, birth or other status.

All club officials have to complete an SYFA Self-disclosure Form and a Disclosure Application Form and then submit themselves and their documentation to an additional signatory for identification purposes.

Disclosure checks are carried out free of charge for ALL officials of member clubs and leagues.



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